We in ValueTokenized believe that blockchain technology is the emerging internet of value, a new DeepTech layer, which will be used by everyone in the near future (without a need for users to understand the technology and even know about it).

While tokenization has a huge potential to change the world for the better, there is still lack of information and expertise as the market is in its infancy and underlying infrastructure is just being created.

We help businesses tokenize the world and facilitate creation of internet of value for the humankind to be able to transact value as easy and cheap as sending an email.

ValueTokenized is an advisory group, that organized fundraising campaigns for 3 big ICO’s (including BnkToTheFuture, the oldest crypto investment platform holding stake in most of the top crypto companies) and advised Kim Dotcom’s crypto venture and some other companies.

ValueTokenized is also a podcast, where we discuss the future of blockchain application with some prominent people from the space.

We’ve been in blockchain and cryptocurrency market since 2017 and have both deep knowledge of the space and a wide range of connections (from influencers to investors and beyond).

Contact: tony@value.to